White Shirt Outfit Inspiration

Let’s step back for just a moment… With all of summer’s gingham, pom-pom sandals and off the shoulder everything it’s hard not to look in your closet and think “I have absolutely NOTHING to wear”.

Not only that, but you can’t check your feed without the feeling that Nordstrom will be there hiding in the Instagram bushes waiting to pop up at you in umm, EVERY photo and story! Ohhh, the Anniverary Sale. Believe me, I wanted that canary yellow, bell-sleeved Top Shop sweater too…

So, Instead of breaking the bank (bride on a budget!) I decided to go back to basics.

My own basics.

I challenged myself to style a daily white t-shirt outfit with items that I already owned. Honestly, it wasn’t much of a challenge at all! In the end, I saved money and it actually felt like I refreshed my wardrobe.

Here are a few of the outfits I came up with:

Boho Vibes
I will take any opportunity to feel those boho vibes…
Office White Shirt
White t-shirt at work? Yes, please!
Flirty White T-shirt
A flirty, young twist to a strappy sundress.
White on White
White on White. Let your accessories do the talking!
Jeans and a tshirt
Jeans and a t-shirt. Need I say more?

Clothing Credits:

White T-shirt: Loft 

Photo 1:  White T-shirt, Olive Linen Pants, Heels – Loft (My love for Loft is everlasting) Black London Fog Purse – TJ Maxx

Photo 2:  Blue Floral Dress – Red Dress Boutique, Coral Purse – Ross 

Photo 3:  White Pencil Skirt – Banana Republic Outlet, Booties – Calvin Klein, Jade Purse – Michael Kors, Sleeping Beagle – Humane Society♥                

Photo 4:  White Fringe Cardigan – JC Penney’s Arizona Brand, Wedges & Purse – Ross, Faux Leather Skirt – The Limited (heard they are coming back!)

Photo 5:  Jeans – Loft, Sam Edelman Gigi Sandals – Nordstrom Rack